Specialty Gas Resources for Western Michigan

Each of us here at GTW is committed to providing clients with the most responsive specialty gas service one could ask for anywhere. Accurate order fulfillment and timely delivery are hallmarks of our service. That said, we also strive to make sure our customers have easy access to all the background material they need to make valid decisions about what gases are best suited for their applications. To that end, we offer a big selection of downloadable Safety Data Sheets, plus our all-inclusive, downloadable Specialty Gases Catalog. What’s here will be updated, so give this page another look from time to time. And if you haven’t found the answers you seek in our downloads, don’t worry: We’ll be glad to offer whatever extra information we can. All you have to do is get hold of us at 616-754-6120 or contact us online. Our experts are the best resources any specialty gas user could want!