Nitrogen Dioxide Supplier to Western Michigan

This brownish, poisionous, corrosive, liquefied PurityPlus® gas does have its uses, commercially, and GTW offers it to Western Michigan enterprises.

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) is produced as an atmospheric contaminant by the combustion of fossil fuels in excess oxygen; at flame-inducing temperatures, the oxygen not set ablaze with the fuel reacts with the nitrogen from the air to form nitric oxide (NO) and, with increased oxygen and heat, is further oxidized to NO₂. Commercially, Nitrogen Dioxide is produced by the oxidation of ammonia at controlled temperatures in a steam-rich environment.

Nitrogen Dioxide’s largest use is in rocket motors, more properly in its dimerized state as N₂O₄ (Nitrogen Tetroxide, NOM 4). In this application, it is reacted with hydrazine to spark propulsion. These liquefied gases may be stored for exceptionally long periods in space given that they’re not cryogenic fluids and thus pose no threat of excessive venting from boil-off. They are used to place motors in orbiting satellites that may require relocation later. NO₂ is also useful as an oxidizing agent in organic synthesis and in certain applications as a sterilizing atmosphere.

When it’s employed in specialty gas applications, NO₂ is commonly a component in calibration gases for environmental emission and industrial hygiene scrutiny.

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